About Squadra Guzzista
Nuts (and bolts) about Moto Guzzi:

If you are here it is because you are either nuts about Moto Guzzi motorcycles, as we are, or maybe because you have been intrigued by them for a while and are looking for an excuse to get on your first Guzzi.

If it is the latter, be careful because once you are bitten by Guzzi there's no salvation. The moment it is in the blood, that's it you'll never lose your fascination for them. If you are wondering about your first Guzzi it's already too late, your soul is lost, you may as well give in. This is no joke and is why Moto Guzzi is blessed with one of the largest and most dedicated set of followers of any manufacturer, the Guzzisti.

I bought my first Moto Guzzi, a 350cc Nevada, approximately 20-something years ago. At that time I only knew of one other enthusiast and it was because of my buddy Charlie, a V1000G5 rider, that I became interested in the miracle of Mandello del Lario. I decided I would try to do the same as Charlie, I wanted to encourage people to discover a different world of motorcycling. I wanted to create something where existing owners could co-exist with those just beginning to raise their first appreciative eyebrow toward the motorcycles we love so much and share our passion for them.

There are, of cpurse, many Moto Guzzi groups and clubs around the world. I didn't want to start a club. I didn't want membership fees or committes. I wanted a relaxed and free group in every sense. One where people could dip in and out whenever they wanted with the main purpose being one of camarederie, assistance, exchange of knowledge and above all enjoyment. Qualities Guzzisti possess in abundance. Our members have forged close bonds with each other. We are nothing more than friends.

Squadra Guzzista was born in September 2006 with that philosophy in mind and it remains true nearly ten years later.

What Squadra Guzzista is:

We are a free, online, worldwide community of Moto Guzzi fans. If members wish to contribute to the running costs they are gratefully invited to visit our shop. Profits from the shop pay for the running costs. I prefer the idea of a shop against a donation system as I like you to have something tangible in exchange for your generosity. These are the different chambers of the Squadra Guzzista engine:

The website:

This is where you are now. This website is new for 2016 and each of the stunning background images were taken by members from around the world. we started with a "wiki" some may remember it. Sadly successive changes of ownership of the wiki platform resulted in a loss of capability and performance. This site is built in house, by me, and from here you can access the Squadra guzzista platform.

The forum:

The forum was the centre of the ancient Roman world and, 2000 years later, what is a community without a focal point? Our forum may not be one of the largest but it is undoubtedly one of the friendliest. Don't just lurk in the shadows, take a step to the front, join the forum and share your love of Moto Guzzi with us!

The Squadra Guzzista shop:

Whilst Squadra Guzzista is free, alas nothing is free in the free world and we do have running costs. As opposed to a system of donations I favour the idea of members having something tangible in return for their generosity. And who doesn't like a cool t-shirt? Our t-shirt designs are unique and designed in house. The shirts themselves are of excellent quality, Gildan, Fruit of the loom or similar and are printed using the mmost modern of techniques. The image is digitaly printed into the weave for quality, comfort and durability. If you wish to help the running of our group please visit our shop, and thank you for your generosity!

Squadra Guzzista on facebook:

Believe it or not, we were one of the first groups to recognise the value of social media and build a facebook page. Facebook suits people as it is fast and easy to use. We have a terrific page which continues to grow. join and say hello.

Radio Guzzista:

We are the one and only group with a dedicated internet radio presence dedicated to Moto Guzzi fans. Radio Guzzista is new for 2016 and broadcasts every Sunday at 1900 hrs GMT (2000 hrs Mandello Time) powered by Forces Online Radio. Part of Forces Online, the repositary for armed forces veterans. If you are an armed forces veteran please take the time to visit Forces Online.

What Squadra Guzzista isn't:

Neither I or anyone else in the group is the world's leading authority on Moto Guzzi and we don't profess to be. Our knowledge of the marque is based on our own experience of owning these wonderful motorcycles, about which we are passionate. Our joys, our frustrations, successes and failures. Our community will always be a work in progress but one where we can share knowledge.

This community was built purely out of admiration for the marque and I am humbled by the help, assistance and sheer joy by all those who contribute to this group. As a result I ask you to be patient with those who take part as they do so from the heart, in their town time and with the best of intentions. We are here to help each other and, whilst disagreements may sometimes ensue  we are all here for the same reason. If you have experience of Moto Guzzi, no matter how small, join and throw your tuppence into the bowl! I sincerely hope you enjoy our group, thank you for being a part of it.

Xose Mourino, London, 2016.