Welcome to Squadra Guzzista
We are Squadra Guzzista, the online community for Moto Guzzi enthusiasts.

Established in 2006, in 2016 we celebrate ten years serving Moto Guzzi fans around the world.
To celebrate we have re-designed our website and are looking forward to meeting
many of our friends at Mandello del Lario this September as the Moto Guzzi
factory celebrates its 95th anniversary.

We hope you enjoy our new website and invite you to join us on facebook, and on our friendly forum.

This year, to mark our tenth anniversary, we are launching Radio Guzzista. The first and only radio show dedicated to Moto Guzzi fans. Follow the links above to find out

Squadra Guzzista is and always will be free with no membership fees. If you wish to help with the running costs we invite you to visit our shop  where you can find amazing, quality clothing with original artwork. We don't believe in donations and think you should receive something in return!

Thank you for being a part of Squadra Guzzista. Without you, this is nothing.

Forza Moto Guzzi!

Xose Mourino, London, 2016.