Welcome to Squadra Guzzista
In this our 10th anniversary we are proud to announce the launch of Radio Guzzista. The only radio broadcast dedicated to you the fans of Moto Guzzi. We have a weekly broadcast at 1900 hrs GMT (2000 hrs in Mandello del Lario) where we bring you the very best of Moto Guzzi fired rock n roll!

If you are a musician or in a band and you are a Moto Guzzi fan, contact us, we will give you airplay to Moto Guzzi fans around the world! Radio Guzzista is available through a variety of devices. Use the links below to catch the show.

Each broadcast will be available as a podcast which you can download free, see our facebook page for details each week!

Radio Guzzista is powered by Forces Online. The repository for armed forces veterans.
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Radio Guzzista: Sundays 1900 GMT...Domingo a las 2000 horas...Domenica alle 2000 ore...Sonntag 2000...Dimanche 2000 heures
Radio Guzzista is brought to you by Squadra Guzzista and powered by Forces Online Radio